Want it? Got it? Shneeb it!

Shneebs is a way for communities to rent, swap, share their items and services.

If you want something and don't need to buy it then search shneebs for that item

and lend it to your neighbour?

Shneebs is the mobile application that provides for communication within our

community, it's about enjoyment not ownership, it's about preventing waste,

and helping one another.

On shneebs you can:

Paid Rent

Do you have a:

You could rent these to your neighbours!

Why not help someone in your community and make

some extra cash at the same time?

If you've got it,

And don't need it,

If somebody wants it,

Then shneeb it!



This is no strings attached giving stuff away. Stuff you don't want anymore, can't be bothered selling, and still works fine, pay it forward and let someone else enjoy! Instead of discarding an item why not post a giveaway listing anf see if another shneeber would like to come and collect it from you? Helping other people with random gifts like this can be
very rewarding.

Quick Lend

Ever forget to whom you leant that great book? Well keep a record in shneebs to remind you who has borrowed your stuff. You might not be
too worried when you get it back but one day would be nice ...

Frequently Asked Questions:

Things to Know:
  • Shneebs achievement points:

    Everytime you shneeb you earn shneebs points and they are displayed on your profile.  Shneebs points are an important indicator of how often you shneeb and what your activities are on shneebs, this can be very helpful to others who are looking to shneeb with you.

  • Shneebs user ratings and peer review:

    When you finish a shneeb transaction you can rate the other shneeber from one to five shneeb balls and give them a review. The rating will appear on a shneeb members profile as a guide for others. Shneebs is about trust and respect so we encourage you to share your shneebs experience with others members of the shneebs community. Each time you rate another member you will also receive shneebs achievement points.

  • Shneebs profile:

    Check out the profile of your friends and others on Shneebs, see what they are Shneebing and what other Shneebers say about them

  • Shneebs friends:

    If you don't want everyone to see your listings then display them only to your shneebs friends. Lets face it all friends are not created equal, so select from your facebook, and email contacts and send them a shneebs friend invitation. If your possession is a bit special, then you can restrict the view to Shneebs friends only.

  • Definitions:

    Shneebs: Great place to share, swap, lend, and giveaway.

    Shneebing: Being generous and sharing stuff.

    Shneeb'd: Just shared something.

    Shneeber: Someone who shneebs (For example: Is Bieber a Shneeber?)

    Shneebly (Ned Shneebly): A wannabe rocker with lots of guitars who needs cash to pay his rent

    Shneebling: Doesn't mean anything yet, any suggestions?

How Do I Start?

Download Shneebs for free form the Appstore and get started...

Small Steps:

1 You can browser Shneebs items simply by downloading the app for free.

2 How do I transact?: You must create an account before you can use any of the Shneebs functionality.

3 How do I create an account?: DOWNLOAD SHNEEBS AND CREATE AN ACCOUNT VIA FACEBOOK OR BY PROVIDING SOME BASIC INFORMATION AND THEN ACCEPT THE USER TERMS and Conditions of use. The more detail you provide on your profile the easier it is for other shneebers TO MAKE A DECISION WHETHER THEY WOULD SHNEEB AN ITEM WITH YOU.

4 What happens if my goods are not returned? You should report this to shneebs and advise your local authorities. Shneebs does not guarantee transactions or provide insurance so your local authorities will need to pursue any breach of law. The more information you can provide with regard to the identity of the other party the better chances of the law recovering your item.

Ready to go:

Step One Browse for something or list an item.

Step Two When you receive a request or before you make an enquiry always tap the shneeb ball in the top right corner and view the user profile. It's important that Shneebs members keep this profile up to date so viewers can understand who they are dealing with.

Step Three If you like the look of the Shneeber then click on the Shneeb ball in the top right corner and send them a message. Ask them details about the transaction item. Maybe you want to negotiate the price, check if item is available, or find out the address you can pick the item from?

Step Four Happy with everything so far then send them a request

Step Five Shneebers will decide if they want to proceed with transactions, because everything is mobile you should receive a prompt reply so best of luck. Chances are that you probably live near some pretty cool people so check out their Shneebs profile and make the decision to rent yourself. If you're not absolutely comfortable then don't rent - It's your choice.

Terms and Conditions

If your goods are not returned after a shneebs transaction you should report this to your local authorities. Shneebs does not guarantee transactions or provide insurance so your local authorities will need to pursue any breach of law. The more information you can provide with regard to the identity of the other party the better chances of recovering your item or compensation.

If you do decide to Shneeb an item with a neighbour or Shneebs member then be safe. You are protected by the Shneebs user terms and conditions and you can always take a deposit but make sure you grab some identification like a copy of drivers license. If something goes wrong then you should report to the authorities, you have the protection of the transaction terms, and you have the other parties ID

Please refer to the legal conditions that Shneebs participants acknowledge when they transact as a result of a Shneebs introduction.

User terms and conditions Shneebs transaction agreement Shneebs Privacy Policy

Insurance: All insurance policies are different so we advise you check with your insurer to make sure you are covered for loss or damage of an item.

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